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Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks x DJ Nature

Being a NW kid and lifelong Seahawks fan, it brings me absolute pleasure to get to work with the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve been lucky enough to guest DJ some great events including the Super Bowl ring presentation party at which Usher headlined. And although playing with Usher was amazing getting to wear a Super Bowl ring at another event while I DJ’d takes the cake! Peep photos below. #gohawks!!

seahawks dinner

seahawks usher

seahawks super bowl ring


Urban Outfitters Without Walls Launch party and blog interview

Recently I got to DJ the launch of the outdoor brand Without Walls at the Urban Outfitters in Portland.
In store performances can sometimes feel ill-fitting, but that was definitely not the case here! Was a great event including artist Gage Hamilton custom painting Poler Tents, Bike races, and free beer and donuts. What’s not to love?
I got caught juggling some doubles of a Pretty Lights record, peep the clip here: DJ Nature – Pretty Lights scratch

The Without Walls Blog also interviewed me about “Workout Playlists” check interview and playlist here:
DJ Nature – without walls playlist


SXSW 2014 – Austin Tx

March 11th-16th. It’s that time of year again where Austin, Texas is overrun by the music world. I love this city without the music festival, so SXSW is a super bonus. This year I’m playing a club set at Molotov and assisting Stewart Villain, Tope of TxE, and handling DJ duties for the S X NW Hip Hop showcase. I’ll be updating times and sets as well as adding anything that comes on the shows tab here on the homepage if you’re in Austin and keeping track!



DJ Nature mix set on 107.5 Northwest Breakout show

I recently came through the Wild 107.5 studios to drop a mix during their Northwest Breakout Show. Great to get to be able to play on major radio while playing pretty much without boundaries. Big ups to Cool Nutz and Danny Merkury for putting that together, great thing for PDX. I’ll be dropping back once a month to put it down, can’t wait for the next installment.



PDX summer joints:DJ Nature remixes, bootlegs, etc


11-11-11. Live And Direct 2 Year Anniversary party

The Live and Direct 2 year Anniversary is fast approaching.
A special date and special show. 11-11-2011. For our 2 Year party we will have special guest DJ Supreme joining us for the evening. I’ve been out of town for a month and cannot wait to get back up with the Live and Direct crew. Get there early and let’s celebrate!

If you don’t know about legendary DJ Supreme, I suggest you come find out.

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Last Supper Club 13 year Anniversary

13 years!! That’s a long life for a club, congrats to LSC to continue to build and bring good shows.
I’m happy to be playing the anniversary party alongside DJ Cide in a 2×4 set and see a set from Donald Glaude! J. Quest, Kryspin, Austin Payne and Joey Roxville will be rocking this night as well, big ups Last Supper Club.


DJ Nature Interview w Fire Poo

The Fire Poo crew brings their notorious DJ get together to PDX this Friday. The following is an interview I did for Firepoo.com

Poo & A with Fire Poo PDX Co-Host DJ Nature:

Caught up with the big homie and co-host of Fire Poo PDX, DJ Nature. Learn more about him and what he had to say about Fire Poo…

Fire Poo: When did you stop riding with the Hells Angels and decide to become a DJ?

Nature: I gave up the Hells Angels when they decided training wheels weren’t hard, but I’m still very active in the PDX Volvo posses. I’ve been molesting turntables as well since about 2001-2002

Fire Poo: What were the first set of turntables you ever purchased?

Nature: First “set” were the tried and true Tech 1200′s (why half step right?), but I bought a gaggle of worthless single units (stanton, silver3g, Fisher Price yo) in my experimental days.

Fire Poo: What’s your take on the new iPad DeeJay app? It is just for posers or does it have enough street cred?

Nature: If you are “future guy” and that’s your shit, more power to you. Especially if you can rock well with it.

To me though, it has Carlton Banks street cred. I’m all about adding in effect units, additional production pieces and hardware, but leaving out turntables all together seems ridiculous. We don’t need to get too futuristic. It should get widespread use when 3 breasted women are the norm. (See Total Recall)

Fire Poo: How did you learn about Fire Poo?

Nature: Cheapshot’s fame knows no boundries. I heard whispers in the womb. That, and I look before I flush. Jokes aside, a DJ event based around creating a community rather than promoting anything in general is a great concept. I’ve seen pre-gig DJ “family” dinners in other cities, but nothing of this level. Propers spread quick.

Fire Poo: What do you have to say to the FAKE DJ Nature’s in Puerto Rico and UK?

Nature: I encourage anybody who would like to go by DJ Nature to do so. Just keep sending people to djnature.com. They can have friendster. That being said, I believe the “fake” Nature out of UK has some ill production skills.

Fire Poo: Tell us a drunken random cool moment from when you DJed at the PDX Do Over.

Nature: We took it to the next level. A “Supreme” DJ that will remain unnamed passed out in the strip club after party and vowed never to drink with me again. I heard I played some records too. Proof. http://soundcloud.com/therealdjnature/dj-nature-live-at-the-do-over

Fire Poo: What is the craziest thing to happen to you when you DJed on those cruises? Give us something juicy.



Art Of Flight film preview

Art of Flight w Travis Rice premiers in Portland tonight. I’m spinning the after party with Redbull, but would be hyped on this film either way! Great way to except the weather change and get ready for snowboarding season. Peep the trailer



DJ Nature remixes for FoPo Vol 2.

I’m wrapping up work on FoPo Vol 2. I’m going to post some of the remixes and edits I’ve made for the mixtape. The first batch is more on the lounge remix side. The second batch (I’ll share this week) is more my normal style on the soul / hip hop tip. These are the shortened versions for the mixtape. These along with other tracks will always be available in the production page on www.djnature.com Enjoy!

Vagrant by therealdjnature

My Only Swerving – DJ Nature FoPo remix:
My Only Swerving – DJ Nature FoPo mix by therealdjnature